Unlimited Virus Removals
Only applies to PC’s and Macs.
($199.99 Value – Each System)

Unlimited Computer Tune-ups
($99.99 Value – Each System)

Unlimited Troubleshooting
– On software, printers, and email

Includes Special Rates for On-Site Service

Includes Anti-Virus Software Protection

Unlimited Device Installation and Setup
– For tasks such as monitors, printers, and mp3 players

1-5 Devices 6-10 Devices 11+ Devices

$39 p/mo

$89 p/mo

Fantastic service!!! I had a very slow computer and could barely access emails. I tried everything on my own and even paid a company to fix it. Nothing worked! Until Shawn came by and figured out what was wrong with it. He took my whole computer apart clean it and added several other things to make it run like brand new. I am very impressed with his service and HIGHLY recommend him to anyone having computer problems.
Michael B.