Want an effortless way to maintain all your technology needs without the hassle of visiting retail stores? Dr. Tech PC gives you the solution.

Many times, we find people are unnecessarily burdened in an ever evolving world of technology. With digital devices becoming more complex and inconvenient to learn, we provide a one of a kind experience which allows our clients to free themselves of these responsibilities so they can focus on tasks that matter the most.

What Makes Us Different?

In the IT industry we know you have many other choices at your disposal, including big box stores. What makes us different? Customer service is our number one priority. At Dr. Tech PC, our goal isn’t to sign on yet another client, we want to earn your friendship and provide a service beyond what you may be used to.
Our philosophy is simple, small details are everything. When you service your product with us, we clean, repair, and update whenever possible, even if your request isn’t related.
We understand your technology is a personal and valuable tool in your busy schedule. If you aren’t entirely satisfied after your appointment, we will do everything to make sure we make it right, we want to hear from you.
Time restraints? No problem, we can meet any deadline that you may have. If it’s not achievable, we will be honest and upfront to provide you with fastest solution available.

How We Fix IT Right

  • Convenient On-Site Repair and Pickup
  • Maintain Through Powerful Remote Software
  • Provide Exceptional Customer Service
  • Provide Unmatched Premium Support